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Tom provides an array of creative services but his true passion is music and sound design. From age four when he used to religiously listen to his older brother's eight track of Led Zeppelin II. He loved to play "Whole Lotta Love" at full volume with headphones because he loved the sound and stereo effects with Jimmy Page's use of a Theramin and Echoplex during the bridge of the song. Years later, Tom began playing guitar and keyboard, and shortly thereafter, he started composing and recording his own music. In college, he created the score for several student films, and he scored his own and other video projects. In addition, he wrote and recorded the music for the critically acclaimed PBS Documentary, Sex Education In America: AIDS and Adolescence. Since then, Tom has created music mostly as a creative outlet and for his own personal enjoyment. But now he has found a new use for his music skills. With the proliferation of videos created for websites and YouTube, Tom's music skills are back in demand. A video posted on YouTube that contains copywritten music will not play on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Therefore, Tom often incorporates his own music, sound design and voice over (narration) for many of his video projects for his clients.

Tom provides the following audio services:

  • original music composition
  • composer
  • voiceover
  • sound design
  • audio editing
  • audio sweetening
  • audio enhancement
  • audio mixing
  • audio mastering
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