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One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of capturing wonderful photographs is the ability of the photographer to connect with and make their subjects feel at ease and comfortable. This is a skill that can't be taught – either you have it or you don't. In college, Tom's nickname was "The Icebreaker". He could walk into a room and immediately connect with those around him, and before long he would be surrounded by a group of people who were captivated by his stories and his ability to make them laugh. Tom uses this skill to great effect when capturing photographs of people and pets – he actually is a dog whisperer of sorts.

Given his background in the feature film industry and the fact that he is a self proclaimed movie addict, Tom understands the importance of shot composition. When photographing children or pets, he can often be seen laying on the ground taking shots. He believes it is important to get down to the subject's level. Tom has a trained eye and has developed his own unique photography style. Is his style the right fit for you? He suggests you peruse his portfolio and judge for yourself.

Tom provides the following photography services:

  • portfolio
  • family
  • pet
  • event
  • action
  • sports
  • places
  • things
  • artistic

Photoshop services include:

  • image manipulation
  • enhancement
  • special effects
  • touchups
  • cropping
  • advanced filters
  • plug-ins
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