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Video Portfolio II

Hippie Deliveries • Coming Soon
• Promotional animated video for the launch of Hippie Deliveries. Tom was looking for something to generate buzz. The music on the original version utilizes an original composition for copyright reasons. Also, it is important to note that YouTube will not play videos on mobile devices with copywritten music. For this portfolio, a better choice for music is incorporated. Pay attention to the panning of the audio...

Hippie Deliveries • Our Drivers
• Funny promotional video created to generate buzz for Hippie Deliveries. The video footage was previously shot, which led to the concept for the video. Tom created all the elements including the music for the video.

BeLIEve In America?
• During the 2012 presidential campaign, Tom created a spoof political ad. The video includes original music and some fun with sound design and audio effects to make the various audio sources sound similar. Some folks coined it, "The Two Faces of Romney".

Floyd Improved
• An experimental art video created after shooting a remarkable moon with clouds passing by one night on Martha's Vineyard. It was shot on a Flip UltraHD with a tripod and then filters were applied in Final Cut Pro. It then inspired a soundtrack to go along with it, created with Logic Pro.

The Stevens
• On Cape Cod, Tom took all the photos in this "Sopranos" parody, which shows how effective the combination of stills and music can be to create a compelling and fun family video.

Paola's Birthday
• This video was created for a friend. Tom's using photos he took the night of her birthday party on Martha's Vineyard. The opening is a parody of the movie "Jaws," which was filmed on the Vineyard. It also includes the effect where a photograph is morphed into a painting using Photoshop. The video is not too fancy, but it was very well received.

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