Tom Stevens is a video producer specializing in video and audio production services. He works/directs "remotely" (via Zoom video conference) or on location on the island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. Tom Stevens Creative Martha's Vineyard Photographer Services Website Design Services Search Engine Optimization Services Social Media Services Graphic Design Services Drafting Services Video Services Audio Services Audio Video Drafting Photography Graphic Design Social Media Search Engine Optimization Website Design Tom Stevens Creative


Screen Recording Video Portfolio

GraphixCreator Tutorial
Tom created several software tutorial videos for Including, screen recording, voiceover, opening and closing motion graphics, music & sound design. GraphixCreator is an online tool to allow users to create virtually any type of 3D graphics for books, computers, tablets, etc. Great tool, check it out:

Peer Sale | Vendor | Software Tutorial Video
• Peer Sale is a startup e-commerce platform. Tom created a series (over twenty) of software training videos & software explainer videos for the startup. The video above is one of the software training videos.

child HR | Adding a New Employee | Screen Recording Software Tutorial
• A basic screen recording software tutorial video; with narration, sound effects & logo motion graphics.

Veridian TestLead In House Software Demo
• Simple "in-house" screen recording software demo video with animated logo & sound effects.

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