Trilateral Media produces low cost, professional, high definition videos for real estate companies and other businesses on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Trilateral has developed a template-based approach to video production, as a means to reduce the cost of producing professional videos. Now you have an option to consistently, quickly and affordably deliver effective, branded videos to: improve search engine optimization (SEO), drive traffic to your site and build your business. More on that later... First, take a look at our short (1:40) sample real estate video and how it would look and work on your site!

Production Philosophy
Trilateral shoots professional still images. Enhances the images with Photoshop and other advanced Plug-ins and filters. "Ken Burns" style moves are applied to the shots to create a "film look and style". Professional still images look gorgeous and when edited by a professional, can be extremely effective in creating a compelling, persuasive video, at a fraction of the cost of shooting professional grade video. Furthermore, the images are provided to the client for the exclusive use on their website, social media and print advertising.

We believe it is crucial to introduce and present the properties in the best possible light (pun!) – in a short, professionally produced video. Trilateral's videos are to be utilized as a marketing tool to: brand your company, improve SEO and generate traffic back to your site via social media sharing. Our videos can be used in conjunction with "Walk Through" and "Guided Tour" videos or as a stand-alone marketing technique.

The Trilateral Approach
A three-pronged approach incorporates three highly effective online marketing strategies into one simple, efficient and cost effective solution.

The first strategy is: VIDEO. High quality video content when incorporated on a website properly will improve search engine rankings. Which should be "music to the ears" of real estate companies on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket spending a fortune monthly utilizing Google AdWords. Or a start-up or smaller real estate company trying to move up on Google for the highly competitive search terms related to real estate on the islands.

Trilateral has expertise not only in video production. But also what needs to be done on the back end to assure your reaping the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits of incorporating video on your site. It is a more involved process than simply putting a video on your site. We are knowledgeable on the process and techniques to ensure success on the back end. Trilateral works with your web team to verify that the back end techniques are setup and incorporated properly on your site for each video.

The second strategy is a: CALL TO ACTION. Trilateral's clickable "Click Here to View Property Listing Price" at the end of the videos provides a "call to action" for the viewer to visit your site. When incorporated in conjunction with effective social media strategies, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard real estate companies will see increased traffic on their sites. Trilateral will assist your team on effective social media strategy to facilitate your success.

The third strategy is: VIDEO REPLACEMENT. Once the property sells the video can still be used as a marketing tool to generate new business - forever. The original video is replaced with a "sold version", this will alert potential new listings that your real estate company provides results. The "sold versions" can be promoted via social media and can incorporate a "call to action" for a new, featured property. See below...


    High Definition/Mobile Supported Video Hosting - Includes:
  • video uploaded to Trilateral's hosting provider (includes support for mobile devices)
  • custom video thumbnail uploaded to hosting provider
  • "call to action" feature incorporated on video
  • video player customized to match client site
  • $125 (annually for account)

Trilateral Media understands your success is tied to our success, "we get it" and provide the following services free of charge for all accounts:

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