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Tom's philosophy on website design is keep it clean, simple and smart. While studying Communication at Northeastern University, he learned effective communication skills. These skills can be applied to creating a successful online presence. Tom believes many sites and site designers today are creating sites that are "too busy", especially for mobile devices and they distract the viewer from what is important and ultimately cause potential clients to click away. Tom prefers to model his sites after the most successful site of all time: Google. A clean site with strategic and targeted text related specifically to the industry, services and locations perform really well on search engines when coupled with professional, high quality, rich media assets, such as photographs and videos, and a social media presence to share media assets.

When developing a plan and building a site, Tom utilizes many proven and his own proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) techniques required to improve your sites visibility on search engines for appropriate query searches (industry, service, location). For example, a monkey can get your site to show up on search engines by typing in your company name or web address. But, isn't the point of creating or upgrading a website to generate new business? Well, if the only way to find your site on the Internet requires potential customers to already know about your company or service then, "Houston, we have a problem." Tom is not your average monkey.

If you are interested in performing a simple SEO test on your site, contact Tom, and he can walk you through getting an accurate representation on how your site performs. Please note that using your existing web browser, with your search history and related cookies will not give an accurate representation.


Chris Powers Landscaping | Nantucket
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Lisa Schroeder Physical Therapy | Martha's Vineyard
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physical therapy martha's vineyard
acl physical therapy martha's vineyard


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